In today’s market, LED lighting is highly sought after due to its lower energy consumption, longer lifespan, and vast range of illumination.  Although light bulbs are considered a commodity, the Ujamaa Lighting brand aspires to bring its own unique take on the lighting industry.  Founded in June 2019, Ujamaa Lighting (formerly known as Umoja Lighting) specializes residential, commercial, and industrial LED lighting solutions.  Our products are designed and manufactured with our customers in mind.  We promise to provide our clientele with the most cost-effective, dependable, longest-lasting products on the market.

When you shop with Ujamaa, you’re family.  Welcome home!



The word “Ujamaa” is Swahili in origin.  The term centers around the notion of  “extended family”, and it focuses on the concept of self-reliance, and the practice of uplifting one's community via family and cooperative economic achievement.

Our company’s mission is simple:  To design and manufacture long-lasting, energy-efficient, affordable lighting solutions so that our family (our customers) can focus on what matters most.



To provide the light that shines on life’s most precious moments.