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Starter Kit Bundle
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Bill Saver Bundle
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The Wiz Bundle
  • $60.00
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Ujamaa Family Bundle
  • $60.00
  • $49.99
Ujamaa 60w Watt Equivalent LED Light Bulbs
  • $14.99
Ujamaa Premium Fitted Tee (Tri-Blend)
  • From $18.00

Think Smart!

Ujamaa Lighting introduces it's version of the smart light bulb!

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Roommate Interrogation

Moving in with family can be tough at times - especially when they are "thrifty". Ujamaa LEDs are over 80% more effective than regular incandescent light bulbs. Therefore, having a light on should never break the bank!

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Who Left The Lights On?

Take a look at the first commercial for our flagship LED light bulbs, introduced into the market via our original name, Umoja Lighting.